Sometimes we live in our own heads. We live in hypotheticals, we live in our memories and we live in our thoughts, but every once in a while we get the chance to visit the thoughts and memories of others. To see the world through a lens we never could have imagined because it was not our own. Today we offer you that lens, we offer you our magnifying glass.

What can I find on this blog?

Authors: you can find information about the main author (Ashling)

Blogs: blog posts about various thing from personal to observations and more, there’s something for everyone!

Nafe’s blog contains an archive of very interesting posts, especially those who are interested in creative writing.

Creative writing: this was previously known as “The Monthly Challenge.” However, now it contains an archive of creative writing based on prompts voted by our followers.

Travel: this contains advice, recommendations and guides for those who are interested in travel.

reviews: this contains reviews about books, movies and anything else that deserves a review! Don’t forget to keep track of my 2016 reading challenge which will be featured here!🙂






A chance to see the world closely, uniquely and from 2 different viewpoints…The Magnifying Glass.

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